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Dennis and Miri Weible are devoted to publishing fun, wholesome stories for children of all ages through Amazon's publishing company. Dennis, Miri, and Lettie Taylor write our stories then Miri illustrates them.

Most of our stories involve kids interacting animals especially since Miri has a deep love for children and animals.

Miri has a Master's in Art from BYU, worked in art props at the Disney studios, and illustrated 10 children's books. She is an award winning artist and a signature member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS). Miri's illustrations are hand painted originals using bright beautiful colors.

There are available titles and in process titles.

Each available title, just like at a bookstore, has all pages available for your review so you can decide if the story and its accompanying illustrations are right for you.

So, quick, quick, get a book to read. With a book to read, there is nothing you can't be or do.

What adventure will you enjoy today?

And thus, kids learn the power of imagination thru picture stories.

Available Titles

From Amazon Publishing

Nana Nibbles -- A two year old discovers the fun of eating.

Written and Illustrated by Miri Weible, NWS

Nana hates to eat. Her pal Bella, a golden retriever, is the voice of reason, showing Nana a whole new world of delicious food.

Free Full Preview of Nana Nibbles

A Book To Read - Where adventures begin.

Written Lettie M Taylor
Illustrated by Miri Weible, NWS

Kids discover that fun and adventure can be found in stories -- from sailing the ocean to a trip to the moon, from scary pirates to magnificent jungle animals, or from space traveling aliens to dining with royalty.

Free Full Preview of A Book To Read

Future Titles -- Check back later

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